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Shanna McCullough Biography Photo Shanna McCullough Biography
Born: 4/1/1960
Aliases: Shannah McCullough, Shanna McCullouch, Shana McKay, Shanan McCullough, Shauna McCullough, Shanna McCulough, Jill Sauna, Shanna McCollough, Shanna McCollogh, Shana McCullough, Shanna McCoullach, Shanna McCullogh, Nichole Thomas, Marcia Gray

Country of Origin: United States United States CA - California San Francisco
Date of Birth: April 1, 1960
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Red
Height: 167 cm - 5 feet and 6 inches
Weight: 55 kg - 121 lbs
Measurements: 35C-24-35
Career Status: Retired
Shoe Size: 7.5
Winner of 1988 AVN Award: Best Actress - Video.
Winner of 1997 AVN Award: Best Supporting Actress - Film.
Winner of 1999 AVN Award: Best Actress - Film.
Winner AVN Award 2000: Best Supporting Actress - Video. AVN Hall of Fame.

Shanna McCullough - born April -1-1960 - . She is one of the best actresses in the adult movie industry; Shanna is a legend in her own time after starting more than fifteen years ago and going back and forth from working to dancing and now, back again. Before last year, she's turned up in everything from the best film and video features to down and dirty ass fuck tapes, proving that this porn queen likes her sex as much as her acting. Shanna did a girl-girl scene with Dru Berrymore and then took on three other girls and Dick Nasty after returning the industry. In the mean time , Shanna stripped in clubs across North America.

In the early '90s she starred in Anthony Spinelli's Hands Off. "Lonely Shanna McCullough's life seems driven by angst, fear and bad dreams. Though she can have her choice of lovers, she's fascinated by a crank caller who makes love to her over the phone. Her fantasies, leading up to the eventual meeting with the caller, make up the moody, sensuous plot." (AVN)

Henri Pachard directed Hard Choices. "Here's a prime example of a May/December situation when Nick Random teams up with Shanna McCullough. Their subsequent exchange of vows provides the springboard for a shoot-the-bull reunion..." (AVN)

Shanna seizes the lead role in Rick Blaine's Hungry Heart. "A sumptuous, visual feast featuring fluid nasty and explicit as Private. Shanna is a frustrated dominatrix who maintains rigid control over her clientele but can't kindle a romance with pool boy Mark Davis." (AVN)

Shanna says "Both male and female performers are better looking than when I entered," "And the females today are willing to do anything."

Pat Riley: "I was never impressed with Shanna - she's too big (height and frame) - but it's still sad to see that the years have taken their toll, not so much facially as in her thighs and belly. She's still curvaceous but it's now Rubenesque." (Guide 4)

"...Shanna faints and the dirty devil Jay carries her off naked. Eventually tied up again, on top of his desk, he sucks her nipples, fondles her breasts, and fiddles under her covered crotch while she moans in ecstasy. Shanna's the helpless sexually available woman that raises male cockies." (Bob Rimmer, X-Rated Videotape Guide 4, p. 510)

With more than 300 movie credits to her name, finding Shanna McCullough titles are the best movies in the market.


by Josh Crandall

She's tantalizingly tall [5'6], supremely statuesque [125 lbs, 37C/25/37], and ultra-sizzling in the sex department. And with more than 200 filthy films under her bush since 1983, flame tressed SHANNA McCULLOUGH is, indeed, a true legend at the top of the Raunch Roster.

And to add to her lubricious luster, the 34-year-old delectable diva of dirt also has been flashing her pecker-pleasing pube on the dance circuit the last few years. In addition to those libidinous laurels, and besides burning up the semen-stained screen in such scorchers as Going Down Slow, Young Girls Do, My Bare Lady, Memoirs of a Chambermaid, and Insatiable II -- she's also directed her first carnal cassette, Shanna's Final Fling. So, Bone Beaters, grab your meat -- here's Shanna!

Reporter: Inquiring minds want to know what prompted a nice looking All-American Girl like you to get into fuck flicks?

Shanna: Well, I had just been laid off from a job -- I was an electrician, actually.

Reporter: So you decided to get laid.

Shanna [chuckling]: Laid off, and laid on, right! I was looking in the want ads in the San Francisco Chronicle, and I saw an ad in the "performing arts" section, and it said, "Adult Movies -- Actresses and Actors Wanted," make so much a day or something, and I thought, "Well, it might be kind of fun."

I wasn't thinking of it as a career. I just thought of this as some way to make a little extra money, and I've been an actress since I was eight-years-old, and I thought,

Well, you know, it's another form of way of acting!

And I'd always enjoyed watching X-movies.

Reporter: Had they turned you on?

Shanna: Oh, yeah, yeah! This is when I'd go to the Pussycat [theater] with my boyfriend, I'd be so hot and heavy turned-on, I'd have sex in the car -- because I couldn't wait to go home.

Reporter: So why'd you wait until you got in the Batmobile? We never did.

Shanna: Yeah, we'd fool around a little bit in the theater.

Reporter: Ah-h-h-h, only a little bit? Shucks, you're really just an old fashioned girl.

Shanna: I am, I am, I must say. But most of the time I was the only girl in the theater. I was a little younger then. I wasn't as used to being an exhibitionist as I am now, so -- so I might now [laughing]!

So I called the number, and it was for an agent that used to be in the San Francisco area, near my home, and that was where most of the movies I did were shot, around San Francisco.

So I tried it, and I liked it so much I kept doin' it.

Reporter: How many guys do you think you've had sex with, both on camera and in your personal life?

Shanna: Well, let's see, on camera -- ummmnnnn, even though I did that many movies there weren't that many guys because I worked with the same guys over and over.

Oh, God, maybe like forty, maybe. It might be a little more, you know, but I'm trying to think of the same ones I worked with it seems like a million times.

Ummmnnnn, and in my personal life -- since I lost my virginity, I guess -- oh, let's see, [chuckling again] never counted, maybe twenty, twenty-five, or something like that.

Reporter: How old were you when you lost it?

Shanna: Ah, sixteen -- ummmnnnn, when I lost it to someone else, anyway [cracking up again]! Because I had been having sex with myself since I was eleven. But not with a guy until I was sixteen.

Reporter: Yummy. So please, pretty please, tell us about the sex you were having with yourself.

Shanna: Okay. Well, I can remember vividly the first time, ummmnnnn, I was laying on the floor in my bedroom, and I was either reading or doing homework, and I used to like to put my legs around one of the legs of the desk chair -- and, you know, kinda rub myself up and down against it, and it just felt really good. And one day I was just sorta doing it a little faster and faster -- and I didn't know what I was doing, I believe -- all I knew was that it felt good [laughing again].

And, you know, got going faster and faster -- and I had an orgasm! And I was like, you know -- I had no idea what it was. But it was just great!

Reporter: And the earth trembled.

Shanna: And I thought, "Well, Golly, Okay, I like this! This is FUN!" So that was pretty just much the first time. But after that I would, you know, do it every chance I could. I would use my fingers, or I would use a hairbrush, or a bunkbed.

The bunkbed had a headboard, and I used to like that because it was kinda smooth and round.

Another fun thing was a Vacuum Cleaner -- the handle, we had an old vacuum cleaner with the old kinda rubber handle -- and, of course [exploding with laughter], it vibrated nicely when you vacuumed, so.

Reporter: You musta had the cleanest house in the Bay Area.

Shanna [laughing again]: I have a real high sex drive. I was born one of those kind of girls that has a lot of testosterone, and so my sex drive is really high.

So I pretty much would masturbate every day. And always have! And I thought that was very normal.

Reporter: Well, it is. People just don't admit it, or talk about it.

Shanna: Yeah, a lot of girls just repress it. But some girls do have lower sex drives, so. For me, I just thought nothing of it. To me, it was just, you know -- normal, everyday great thing.

And it was the best thing I thought in the world -- sex -- because I already knew how to make myself feel good. And by the time I had sex [with a boy], I knew how to enjoy myself, so I really wanted sex by the time I had it!

And I was waiting to do it, because I couldn't wait to have, you know, more experiences. But I didn't know that other girls weren't doing as much as I was.

Reporter: How do you know that you have a higher percentage of testosterone than the average female?

Shanna: Well, I've been tested a couple of ways. I've been told that over the years, and I like to work out -- I work out with weights and stuff -- and I can build muscles really easily.

And I have to be careful I don't get too bulky, not real big but, you know, but it's very-very easy for me.

And I know girls that work out a lot, and it doesn't show much. So from meeting different people at gyms, just like with different men who are either bigger or smaller than other people, it has to do with the level of testosterone.

And testosterone itself, the male hormone, it regulates your libido. Did you know that?

Reporter: Uh-huh, and it regulates my dick, too!

Shanna: Yeah, that is what's your sex drive, and women with lower testosterone levels, and a higher estrogen level, tend to have a low sex drive.

And even Nina Hartley will tell you, if you ask her, because she's told me this a million times -- she has a low amount of testosterone, so her, personally, she admits that she has the physical need for orgasm, oh, only once a week, or once in a week-and-a-half or so.

But I'm the kind of person that I have a physical need, for that release, just about every day.

And so that's a lot like men, like most men, that it's not just some emotional thing that you want to have sex with someone, but you just physically have to!!!

And sometimes it's funny, because sometimes I'll get distracted by it. In fact, driving is a turn-on for me, driving a car. Because of the vibration and, I don't know, something about it gets me horny [cracking up again].

But I'll get to the point, like, maybe I'm be driving around town doing errands, and I'm getting really horny, and I really -- literally! -- have to turn around and go home, and masturbate so I can go back out and get things done [erupting with laughter]!!!

Reporter: Well, why don't you just jerk off in the car?

Shanna: Well, I do. I have. In fact, I drive back and forth to L. A. [from San Francisco], and one of the best ways to pass the time is to masturbate in the car.

I think it might be easier for a girl than a guy, I'm not really sure. But I do that pretty often. It's a five-and-a-half hour drive, so for me [chuckling], it's a great way to pass the time.

Reporter: No wonder I-5 is always wet.

Shanna [laughing]: Give the truckers a little thrill, you know.

Reporter: What's your technique? Are you wearing just a skirt, and no panties, or what?

Shanna: I can do it, I can do it with pants on, I can do it either way. And usually, even if I'm wearing jeans, I can do it pretty easily, you know.

I have to be pretty careful, of course, to keep a straight line [while I'm driving], but it's pretty easy [cracking up once more], I've gotten a pretty good technique of driving and playing with myself at the same time.

Reporter: Okay, detail for the benefit of our few unimaginative readers the sexy specifics of your masterful method of masturbating while breaking the sound barrier on the highway. For instance, are you reaching inside your Levi's --

Shanna [interrupting]: Yeah-Yeah -- that's the easiest!

That way, in case I get next to a car or a van that's up high and can see down, I don't always, you know, want to be too obvious.

Reporter: What's your technique then, the ol' fidgeting frisky finger?

Shanna: Yeah, yeah, I usually do, use my finger. Or I have my hairbrush, or something like it.

Reporter: Okay, but then it's all external, just on the clit? You're not finger-fucking yourself internally?

Shanna: No-no, that would be a little bit too hard. I can actually, ummmnnnn, I didn't actually have orgasms from internal penetration until I was about, ummmnnnn, twenty!

That was something that just, that just happened one day, with one of my ex-boyfriends. Most of my orgasms were from clitoral stimulation.

And then one day we were Doggie-Style which, of course, that's my favorite, and part of the reason is that it hits the G-Spot really well.

And I have a very sensitive G-Spot! But I wasn't even really aware of it until I was about twenty. Now, though, mine is a very, ummmnnnn -- it's a real sensitive one!

And I can be stimulated like, with a finger, or something, on my G-Spot and get -- and have a really quick orgasm.

Reporter: Can a tongue reach it?

Shanna [erupting with laughter]: Ah, no -- not unless you have a really good, long, talented tongue. I kinda doubt it, because you need to just -- the best is to just have a finger curled up, around, or like Doggie-Style.

Or me on top -- those are really my two favorite positions. I like to sit on top, because then I have control, and it really hits the G-Spot good that way, too.

I can actually make myself cum really quicker that way because I'm the one controlling it, guiding it.

Reporter: Do you like being watched while you're fucking or sucking?

Shanna: Actually, yeah! Now that's something I found out because I had never had that kind of experience until my first movie. People wondered if it would make me more nervous having people around, and I remember the first movie I did I was nervous -- but just because I wanted to do well!

That I would do all the right things, that I wouldn't screw up. When I started the sex scene, I realized that having the people around, the crew -- not that they are spectators, but that they are there watching -- was turn-on for me, having these people there!

I thought, "Well, this is an extra turn-on!" It was like an extra thrill having that exposure and people, you know, observing you like that.

So I definitely do enjoy that. I haven't done much in my personal life where I have people around watching. It's mostly doing the movies. Or, maybe, some of the places where I go dance -- and I can do a sex act on stage, it's fun to have the audience around watching.

Reporter: Makes sense to me. So what specific sex acts are you talking about doing on stage, in public?

Shanna: Well, it depends on where the club is, and what the laws are -- doing stuff with myself, like, using a dildo, I'll bring in my own dildo.

Or doing a masturbation act on stage, like, after I dance a few numbers, then I can do a "floor" show. That kind of thing.

Or in places like San Francisco, and even in Philadelphia, I had a chance to have girls on stage -- and do a Girl/Girl show.

And we also use dildoes, and we do a lot of, you know, oral sex and stuff like that.

And it's a lot of fun. We really get off having the guys watch us, and having a good time with it.

Reporter: Do you like watching guys jack off?

Shanna [enthusiastically]: Ummmnnnn, yeah -- I do!!! I actually had never done the "Booths" before -- you know, the booth things, until just recently, in Philadelphia, because I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it because I'd never been in one before.

So I tried it, and I was kinda nervous about how, you know, whether or not I'd be comfortable -- and I really enjoyed it!!!

In fact -- it is definitely a turn-on watching a guy, there, masturbate himself!!! I thought it was very much of a turn-on. I reacted totally opposite of what I thought -- I really enjoyed it!

Not all of the guys whack off, though. There are people that just want to talk, and that's all.

But most of the time you get men in there who, if it's not a regular thing for them, but they are usually regulars that they know exactly what to do, and they know they have only ten minutes or so, and they might ask you to show them something they would like to see, or just talk to them, or play with yourself -- and that's what they obviously come in to do.

Obviously it's just a way for them to get turned-on, and have that release. And usually it's after our show, so they were already turned-on and they'd come into the Booth afterwards and they'd be ready to go.

Reporter: Right -- and it's truly safe sex.

Shanna [laughing again]: Uh-huh, -- and they don't even have to wear a rubber!

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